We’ve been on vacation! (kind of)

Hello dear readers,

some have already asked us, if we’ve given up on blogging or are even still alive 😀

Don’t worry, it’s none of the above. I would like to blog more often but for example: the last four weeks Björn’s twin brother has been visiting us. We have been very happy to have a little bit of home with us and to get to spend time with him.

And like it often is when travelling, you just sometimes don’t have time to spend a half day or even a day sorting pictures and writing a blog entry.

Don’t get me wrong, I have fun doing it, but we have to experience things to write about them :)In South America it was a little easier, because we’ve been on the bus quite a lot. In South Africa, not as much.

But no worries, shortly we will be back for more and hopefully be able to write more frequently.

Should anyone be worried, just write us a message or look on Instagram, for some pictures we do have some time 🙂

So you may look forward to: Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and South Africa. Next we will be in Namibia to work on a farm for three weeks.

So see you in a bit, guys! 🙂

Björn and Jessy

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