About Björn

I am Björn, Jessy’s Boyfriend (as you may have already suspected ;-)).

My birth year is 1986, I have 4 siblings, including one twin brother !Attention, danger of mixup! and work as a technical consultant in the field of energy systems/future technologies.

In my spare time I like doing sports, for example Mountainbiking and martial arts. I am a huge music fan, which is why a lot of my time is spent on concerts and festivals.

I have trouble standing still, which is why I bore easily. This is the reason I can’t spend a two weeks vacation lying on the beach. On travels I like coming around, trying new things and like to be fascinated by curiosities and particularities of different countries.


On our world tour I especially look forward to the people which will meet in different parts of the world, whose way of living and also Ideals are partially very different from those in Europe. Maybe this will even change our own views of life and the understanding of wealth and happiness.

Travelling is the only thing where you can spend money and become more wealthy at the same time.