The hike – stage 1-3 – The destination is the reward

The Journey is the reward… or something. The last couple of days it was more like “the destination was the reward”, Seldom I have felt so exhausted as on this hike.

We have had 20kg of baggage per person, because we have packed for two weeks and have everything needed for camping. Because of this 20km over various mountains and other ways seem to go on forever each day. I was on the brink of exhaustion.

Until now we have reached approximately 55km.

But it was definitely worth it. Below some impressions of the previous hike.

Day 1 – Killarney to Black Valley

Day 2 – Black Vallay to Clencar Climbers Inn

Day 3 – Clencar Climbers Inn to Glenbeigh

So, we don’t really have much time to blog, tomorrow we will keep on walking. A better selection of pictures will probably be posted when we are back and have had a chance to reconcile.

We will see you in our next post.

Until then –

Björn and Jessy

2 Replies to “The hike – stage 1-3 – The destination is the reward”

  1. Schöne Fotos, sieht nach toller Landschaft aus!
    20kg Gepäck sind echt brutal, ist da nicht noch Potenzial zu reduzieren?

    1. Um ehrlich zu sein fällt uns nicht so besonders viel ein was nur nice to have ist. An den Klamotten könnte man sicherlich noch etwas sparen, aber ansonsten nicht wirklich. Jedoch werde wir im nachhinein nochmal eine Auflistung machen, was genau wir mit hatten uns ob es wirklich gebraucht wurde. Aber im Moment erstmal Augen zu und durch 😀

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