Lost in the pub? Or where have we been?

You are probably already wondering, what has happened to us. You haven’t heard from us in days and the question comes to mind: Are they still walking? Or have they been drinking in a pub for 4 days straight instead? Are they still on the Kerry way or has the increased difficulty of 20kg of baggage made them quitters?


That is indeed a legitimate question. These last couple of days we’ve had up’s and down’s, and we mean that literally as well as metaphorically.

I never would’ve thought that “little” backpack would make that much of a difference. We are definitely pooped and I am sure that with a daypack we would feel better by a thousandfold.

In spite of it all, our baggage was worth it. Especially because of our camping equipment, through which we were able instead of walking 2 days with 30 km each, only walking 20km each through being able to wildcamp in the middle on a beautiful hill with a gorgeous view.


In the last couple of days, even through the extreme strains, we have seen so many beautiful things and met so many nice people.

Extremely funny were our permanently returning encounters with two extremely nice people from Germany, who also walk the Kerry Way and carry the same “burden” as us in regards to their backpacks. We not only have seen them on the way more then a dozen times, but we have even seen them at stops further off the Kerry Way as well as having the same stay in cities that a had quite a few to choose from.


Ok well, we have been walking for seven days and we are starting to get fed up with walking. Everything hurts and we are thinking about how to get through the last two stages of the Kerry Way without dying as a result 🙂

So get ready. More pictures will be available when I’ve had time to sort through them (and when the WIFI is better).

See you soon,

Björn and Jessy

2 Replies to “Lost in the pub? Or where have we been?”

  1. Ja wir können euch nachfühlen 🙂 Gut beschrieben. Wir sind gespannt wann wir euch das nächste mal über den Weg laufen. Im Moment gönnen wir uns eine Erfrischung bei castlecove. Viel Spaß noch und vielleicht bis bald. Natha und Flo

    1. Hat ja nicht lange gedauert, schön dass wir gerade schon wieder im selben Hostel sitzen 😀 Freu mich auf das Guinness und die Fish&Chips nachher mit euch 🙂

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