Our first day in Ireland – Dublin

One must say that our first day of “vacation” (technically it’s still the weekend) wasn’t really as expected.

It startet with us driving to the airport really late, so we had to pray on arriving on time. Our flight was supposed to go at 4:30 pm and we started driving at 1:20 pm, where our navigation system told us we would drive two hours. Additionally we had to park our car, so we booked a parkservice were we should arrive at 2 pm.

So we called them and told them we would be really late and if they could already prepare everything. They said they would take care of it and we continued driving. Unfortunately our navigational system didn’t know the construction site which blocked us in cologne and google maps a little later also had trouble finding our destination, so that we, even after we made good time on the autobahn, arrived at 3:20 pm.

I felt like being on a SWAT mission, where I was shooed out of the car, my baggage thrown in the truck and everything had to go really fast. We were brought to the airport in a jiffy and we ran through the whole building until finally at 3:40 pm wer arrived at our gate, 20 minutes before boarding ended. Of course the boarding started 50 minutes later because of a delay. Good thing we hurried.

Our compensation was our short flight and the nice arrival at our Air BnB hosts.


Leti immidiately showed us all the good Restaurants and pubs, which we sought out directly.

We visited two pubs and saw 2 live performances. One was an official one…

And the second one inofficially.

Even under the circumstances this was a really successful day yesterday, and we look forward to Killarney this afternoon.

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